The following objectives delivered by WEMCO will underpin the aim in delivering a quality service to our customers that meet and exceed their expectations.

WEMCO will maximise sales opportunities by considering innovative ways to deliver the best value to the customer. This will be done by promoting and developing WEMCO’s range of services, whilst continually reviewing working practices and implementing alternatives to deliver efficiencies for both the customer and the Company.

WEMCO will maintain the existing client base by understanding their requirements and thereby delivering an improved service, the Company will enhance relationships with existing customers to establish a “partnership culture.” This will be achieved through regular effective communication.The Company will communicate “impart or exchange information”, appropriately, effectively, sensitively and accept responsibility for its content. All communications will be received, managed and actioned with due consideration to the effects of the content.

WEMCO will maintain its low turnover of staff. This will be done by the implementation of the companies initiative on improving records, training and development.  In particular, WEMCO will focus on the full implementation of staff performance reviews and the revised programme for newly appointed staff.

WEMCO will continue to develop the staff to become confident, competent and empowered to make decisions consummate with their areas of responsibility. In the absence of a “Blame Culture,” they will confidently contribute in the knowledge that their input will be welcomed and valued.